Chennai Super Kings ‘Raise your hands’: symbolism all the way

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In the 1997 movie, Wag the Dog, Conrad Bean [Robert de Niro] a spin doctor, engages the services of a producer Stanley Motts [played by Dustin Hoffman] to create a diversionary stunt to help the beleaguered US President. The stunt involves ‘Good Old Shoe’ – where people are urged to throw their old shoes on to trees. The stunt catches the imagination of the public and soon the scandal in which the President was involved, is off the headlines.

This maybe stretching things a bit with respect to the latest fan video for Chennai Super Kings, but there is a power in symbolism of such ‘acts’. Especially when it does not ask too much of the participants – just a little easy act.

Read more about the campaign here.

Quite like successful public service advertising which ask the viewer to take a small, not-so-strenuos act [like the Bell Bajao campaign], I think Raise Your Hands is a powerful idea. It is also a very natural act to celebrate a moment in a cricket match. And every time you see fans in the stadium raising their hand, irrespective of who they are supporting, guess which team you will be reminded of?

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