Dockers asks men to grow up and ‘wear the pants’

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One of my favourite brands, Dockers is mounting a new campaign in the US to re-kindle interest in khakis. The brand which was once synonymous with casual cool apparently lost it’s sheen over the years. Lack of innovation and diverse competitive options are cited as the reasons. According to the press release, the intent of the campaign is to put forth a new definition of masculinity, one that embraces strength and sensitivity…appeals to men who can change a tire and a diaper’. The tagline ‘Wear the pants’ has a tongue in cheek humour to it without berating or putting men down.

A Flickr page has some of the new work including this one, which is a manifesto of sorts.


Dockers is strongly associated with a particular lifestyle and mindset. It almost created a new category which were ‘not pants’. While other brands like GAP have come of late and packaged themselves well to the same audience, maybe Dockers did not keep pace. According to research, 88% of those who suffered unemployment in the US last year were men. There are some other pointer to the fact that men need some kind of reassurance of their identity. So it doesn’t seem like seat-of-the-pants stuff. Will it work to revive the cool factor of Dockers?

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  1. nope.
    coz real men wear 501s!
    and hey, levi’s produces them as well!

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