Bud Light ‘Real Men of Genius’: radio done right

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Nowadays, radio spots seem to be on a DIY mode. A majority of the spots follow this template:

Man: ‘hey, where are you going?’
Woman: ‘I am going out to buy [insert brand name]’.
Man: Oh, [repeat brand name]? Why?

Woman: Haven’t you heard? It’s got [insert feature list]. And what’s more it has [insert additional feature which the brand manager insisted upon].
Man: oh, wow! I must also buy [repeat brand name]. Wait! I am also coming…

And then we had the Bud Light ‘Real Men of Genius’ series of spots. The campaign began in 1998 had over 200 spots with each paying a tribute to men in unsung professions or those with quirky or iffy habits. The hallmark of these spots was the writing and great use of music – a sendup of the distinctive 80s-style pop-rock music. The men ‘saluted’ include: Mr. Handlebar Mustache Wearer, Mr. Hollywood Plastic Surgeon and Mr. Airline Meal Chef.

Here are a few gems:

Some of them were later converted to TV spots. Check out this huge playlist of TV and radio spots from the series:

Agency: DDB

Truly genius idea, writing and radio production.

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