Kryoga: Thailand advertising nails it again

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Among Asian countries, Thailand was perhaps the first to establish a unique style of advertising. A lot of award-winning or globally recognized ads from Thailand were rooted in local flavor. Noticeable aspects of Thai advertising have been quirky or bizarre humor usually borrowing heavily from the Thai way of life. See Sylvania Light Bulb, Smooth E series, Cheers Beer or Bangkok Insurance to know what I mean. And then they also have these heart-warming or gut wrenching emotional commercials like the one for Thai Insurance. When it comes to print advertising, we’ve seen refreshingly new ideas from Thailand which almost always evoke a ‘wow’ reaction. The hallmark of these print ads have been mind-blowing execution. In fact, almost all the acclaimed work from Thailand are executed to perfection.

A campaign for Kryoga, which did the rounds of ad blogs recently has all the hallmarks of typical Thai advertising: unusual idea, executed well.

Agency: TBWA

While this may be a case of ‘ads for awards’ [I don’t know], the fact is they manage to get great work out for big established global brands like Alka Seltzer and Dettol too.

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