Audi, @HondaRacingF1, @TravelOregon and more: 11 top creative ads of the week

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As with everything that we consume in the form of media or entertainment – books, movies, news articles and music, a large part of advertising goes unnoticed as it is not remarkable. We are exposed to hundreds of commercial messages everyday. Only a handful of them get our attention and an even lesser number stays in memory. Here are a few creative ads which caught my eye this week:

Audi: Because you don’t always drive

A new ad for Audi shows a woman driver seeing ‘herself’ as a pedestrian, a cyclist etc., all the while showing the car’s features, ability to navigate different weather conditions with ease and the mindfulness of the protagonist. The penny doesn’t drop till the last frame when the strap line is revealed. The idea that drivers need to feel how it is to be out on the road, not driving comes across clearly.

Agency: TBWA\Stockholm

Honda Racing F1: montage

Sometimes, more than the idea the execution plays a big role in both being noticed, remembered and creating an urge to watch a film again and again. A new digital film shows iconic Honda vehicles – performance cars, motorbikes, lawn mowers, speedboats and even an aircraft  – racing on a track, smartly conveying both the heritage and the context of Formula 1.

Agency: Digitas

Travel Oregon: Only Slightly (More) Exaggerated

While all advertising aims to create an affinity or even desire for the product or service, even if parity is rampant in that category. Tourism advertising too faces similar challenges as scenic beauty, natural wonders and landmarks are common to many countries and regions. Early last year, Tourism Oregon launched a campaign which showcased the state as a mythical wonder. The tone was self deprecating as it made a show of exaggerating the beauty of the state. A new takes the idea forward with 'Only Slightly (More) Exaggerated theme with some gorgeous animation at work. Loved it. 

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy

Uber: safety never stops

The concept of an airline safety video is familiar to most travellers. A new ad for Uber in the UK highlights the safety aspects of the service borrowing heavily from airline safety video parlance.

Agency: 72andSunny

Apple at work: The Underdogs

Showcasing a startup and its struggle for recognition and success has been the theme for many brands of late, especially in India. In a new spot showcasing Apple's range of hardware and services, a team works hard (using Apple's creations of course) to pitch an idea for the production of a circular pizza box. 

The ad evoked some negative comments about it romances the pursuit of shallow creations like a pizza box. It turns out Apple actually owns a patent for a circular pizza box and they are used in the company’s Caffè Macs cafeterias. 

Spotify: playlist campaign - India

For a few years now, Spotify's outdoor campaigns based on their insights on user playlists have created buzz. The campaign idea has now been adapted to India with a local flavour both in terms of settings and the relevant music.

Agency: Leo Burnett

I guess the campaign idea 'has legs' as they say in advertising as it lends itself very well to hyper local campaigns based on that area's music trends. Also given India's vast repertoire in music - be it in terms of languages or genre one can extend the idea into various regions and contexts.

Sécurité Routière: road safety

Will guilt tripping a reader into changing behaviour while driving work? Well, it is an interesting angle as the thought of being held responsible for someone's loss while you survived, can be a deterrent.

Agency: La Chose, France

The Hartford: small business insurance

Being a sharply focused brand helps in communication. The Hartford is an insurance brand which focuses on small business. In these set of ads the small business owner is celebrated - a barber, baker and an accountant. The ego boosting message, 'There is nothing small in small business' will evoke pride in an entrepreneur and see the brand as an enabler.

Agency: Terri & Sandy

US National Parks: find your park

'You could battle the tiny frustrations of daily life and lose. Or, you could enjoy the peace and quiet of America’s national parks' is the simple message in this ad. It aims to create awareness about the fact that the parks are free for entrance on April 20. The setup is relatable universally

Agency: Grey

Singapore: Bicentennial film

While Singapore is 200 years old, the film dramatises 700 years of history highlighting the contribution of various ethnic groups in building the city.

Agency: JWT

Heinz: 150 year celebration

Financial woes aside, a heritage brand like Heinz sees an opportunity to endear the brand even more to its audience with its new campaign to celebrate 150 years. The idea is simple and based on consumer behaviour: ketchup on anything (well, almost anything) helps you polish the meal. The idea: 150 years of clean plates.

The TVC shows a montage of meal time situations to depict diversity set to a catchy tune.

Agency: BBH

Which one was your favourite? Comment in.

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