Back to basics: best practices in outdoor advertising


Over a series of blog posts, hopefully, I will attempt to share few basics on making the best use of a particular medium (e.g. Print, Radio, Outdoor) or a platform (in-app advertising, YouTube) for advertising. This week, let me start with the basics of outdoor advertising. A fleeting medium The hallmark of a billboard is that people get just a few seconds to notice it, absorb the content and...

Nike’s ‘Don’t Do it’, @ixigo @PureNewZealand and more: 10 creative ads of the week


Every week, I attempt to share a few creative ads which I thought were clutter-breaking and compelling, aside from some views on topics relevant to the marketing & advertising industries.. As many have said, the most important task of an advert (or any social media creative for that matter) is to be noticed. If that does not happen, everything else – a great strategy document or big...

Aldi, Burger king and more: top creative ads of the week


In a 2017 event, ad legend Dave Trott said, ‘The problem with advertising is that every year in the UK, £20.3 billion is spent on all forms of advertising. Of that, 4% is remembered positively, 7% is remembered negatively and 89% of ads are not remembered at all’. A 2016 article said, ‘only 9% of digital ads are viewed for more than a second’. The industry is coping with...

iPhone 11 Pro’s ‘Snowbrawl’, Aviation Gin’s smart response to Peloton ad: 4 creative ads of the week


The first and most relevant task of advertising is to get noticed. If that is not achieved discussions on creativity and relevance are secondary. A majority of ads – be it in the online or offline world, are simply ignored. In today’s context the timeless truth of an advert having to break the clutter of the environment it is seen in, is even more important. There are truck loads of...

AirPods Pro, Argos and more: 5 top creative ads of the week


Every week, I attempt to put together a compilation of creative ads which break through the clutter. I have not had rich pickings this week and among the handful of ads I noticed, here are a few: AirPods Pro: outdoor done right Outdoor is a fleeting medium. In the few moments we have to catch a glimpse as we go past a billboard it makes sense to keep the messaging brief and have visual impact...

Marmite ‘Mind Control’, Smirnoff, BMW and more: 9 creative ads of the week


Most advertising goes unnoticed. Only a handful manage to break the clutter, get noticed and better still, remembered. Every week, I attempt to share a few compelling ads which caught my eye. This week, the collection of creative ads include TV spots from Marmite, Smirnoff and BMW among others. Marmite: Mind Control There have been several iconic campaigns for Marmite over the years – the...

10 top creative ads of the week: @mumbaimirror, #TheBigBillionDays, @sandyhook and more


I have been blogging for over 10 years now. Some of the posts have been about my views on trends in the the world of advertising & marketing. Over the last few years I have tried to post a compilation of clutter-breaking creative ads every week. Here’s a collection of ads which caught my eye the week ending September 20, 219: Mumbai Mirror: Power of Print Last week, the city newspaper...

Tide, Delta and more: 6 top creative ads of the week


Every week I attempt to share a few creative ads which caught my eye. While we are all exposed to hundreds of commercial messages every day, most of them go un-noticed. Only a handful are noticed and recalled. Here are a few ads which caught my eye this week. Tide: Laundry Night Research shows that for most Americans Sunday night is reserved for laundry. Armed with this piece of information...

6 top creative ads of the week: @Vegemite @marmite @Delta and more


Every day hundreds of commercial messages are targeted at us. However, only a handful of them are noticed. An even smaller number is remembered and recalled correctly. Every week, I attempt to share a few compelling creative ads which caught my eye. Here are a few for the week ending August 9, 2019. Vegemite – Marmite spat The Ashes – a cricketing duel between Australia and England is...

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