Nissan Rogue, Amul, Liberty Mutual and more: 5 creative ads of the week


Every week, I attempt to compile a list of ads which caught my eye in the recent past. Here’s a collection of interesting creative ads for week ending June 26, 2019. Nissan Rogue: Distraction Whether it is an exaggerated depiction of today’s reality or a glimpse into the future – the distracted world where everyone is peering into their phones seems very real. In this world...

8 top creative ads of the week: McDonald’s, Coca Cola and more


I attempt to compile a list of compelling creative ads, which usually are just a handful among the hundreds of ads we see everyday. Last week, I took a break and shared some notes from a marketing & advertising conference. This week’s compilation includes TV commercials from Savlon, Cadbury’s and print work from McDonald’s among others. McDonald’s: vegetarian food...

Coke’s print ad which you can ‘hear’ and other top creative ads of the week


If an ad is not noticed, everything else is academic. Unfortunately, a majority of the ads go un-noticed. Among the few which catch our attention, only a smaller number remain memorable. Here are a few creative ads which caught my eye this week: Coke: a print ad you can hear The human brain is conditioned to imbibe the familiar in such a manner that it automatically evokes visual and other...

Apple, AT&T and more: 5 top creative ads of the week and a blast from the past


It’s not been a week of rich pickings when it came to clutter-breaking creative ads this week. My picks include TV spots from Apple on the occasion of Earth Day, AT&T about the future of technology and a blast from the past from Tide. Apple: Don’t Mess With Mother ‘Seeing is believing’ when it comes to the capabilities of a mobile phone’s camera. While many...

7 top creative ads of the week: IKEA, Samsonite India and more


My weekly pick of compelling creative ads includes an outdoor campaign from IKEA in the UK, a call from Samsonite urging people in India to cast their vote even if it means travelling to another state or city and more. IKEA: Steps In advertising some categories and tasks are considered ‘boring’ – typically industrial products and requests like brochures or select tactical ads. A...

Audi, @HondaRacingF1, @TravelOregon and more: 11 top creative ads of the week


As with everything that we consume in the form of media or entertainment – books, movies, news articles and music, a large part of advertising goes unnoticed as it is not remarkable. We are exposed to hundreds of commercial messages everyday. Only a handful of them get our attention and an even lesser number stays in memory. Here are a few creative ads which caught my eye this week: Audi:...

Range Rover, #HeyGoogle and more: 6 top creative ads of the week


A tweet about creativity aptly sums up the aspects on display with many of the creative work showcased here. Of the lot, the ultimate truth is the one listed last. What say? Image via: Adteachings Herewith my weekly picks of compelling creative ads: Jaguar Range Rover: Warning Signs A few years ago, activations and stunts were a novelty. In 2012, this stunt performed in Belgium for a TV channel...

British Army, Pizza Hut and more: creative ads of the week


The past week wasn’t one of rich pickings when it comes to spotting creative ideas. Of the lot, the ones which caught my eye include a recruitment campaign for British Army, a TV spot for Pizza Hut and a few more. British Army : recruitment Millennials seem to be the favourite target segment among marketers the world over. The group evokes a few stereotypical imageries of behaviour and...

Ocasio2018, Delta’s Pilot Talk and more: 11 creative ads of the week


The advertising & marketing industry trade portals were busy showcasing creative ads from Cannes Lions 2018, over the last two weeks. Despite the prevalence of made-for-award campaigns usually for ‘social good’ the award show is an opportunity to learn about new crafts & techniques and simply be inspired by the power of creative minds. I only wish the show saw more of creative...

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