BMW, @VeepHBO and other great creative ads of the week

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This week, my creative picks include a hilarious spot to dramatise the benefit of autonomous driving by BMW Group, a smart stunt by HBO for Veep’s 7th season, clever print ads from UK and more.

BMW Group: nothing to fear

Autonomous cars have largely been experiments by various companies till now. As with many path breaking inventions, there is fear of the unknown among car drivers as the concept of a driver-less car and how it would navigate traffic, signals and other hazards of driving is difficult to grasp for many. As with any creative idea, it is difficult to figure out what exactly triggered the thought but I am guessing this ‘spooked out’ feeling of seeing a driverless car may have triggered this hilarious ad for BMW. A smart, engaging way to drive home the benefit.

HBO: Veep commemorative stamps

To celebrate the 7th and final season the hugely popular show, Veep, HBP has partnered with to provide limited edition postage stamps. The twist? In keeping with the true spirit of her administration in the series her face is printed upside down ‘by mistake’. The stamps are being distributed via Washington Post to its subscribers. I loved the tongue-in-cheek stunt which is in line with the brand character, simple and drives affinity for the brand (in this case both Veep and HBO) across the globe. As I said before, activation and stunts of this nature can be great PR tools in today’s viral-seeking world.

The i newspaper:  See every angle

There is always more to it than meets the eye is a common expression and pretty relevant for a news brand which claims to present comprehensive view of current affairs. The execution and word play bring a smile.

Google: here to help

Google doesn’t see itself as merely a search engine. It’s stated aim is to organise the world’s information. And when such a lofty goal is defined the product can offer solutions – from seeking weather information to how-to videos. This fact is brought alive in this TVC with the help (no pun intended) of an apt song from The Beatles.

Pringles: rice fusion art

How do you imbue excitement into what is considered a boring announcement – the launch of new flavours? Here’s what Pringles did in the UK: to celebrate the launch of ‘Rice Fusion’ collection they commissioned an artist to well-known Asian landmarks on a single grain of rice.


Apple: opening film, March 2019 Keynote

The keynote event by Apple earlier this month was largely about its foray into the entertainment business through the launch of Apple TV+. There were a host of celebrities from Hollywood and television industries as part of the audience. The target audience on television too would have been movie & TV show fans. In that context, this opening film was spot on for me – presented like credit titles of movies and referencing the rich history of Apple’s products & services.

University of Cambridge: Dear World

This campaign is from 2015 and I am ashamed that I saw the work only last week. The strategy of dramatising the impact of the university’s students is brought alive charmingly in a superbly crafted brand identity campaign.

Read more about the thinking and other pieces of creative here. It’s a pity that most English copywriters in markets like India (where print advertising in English is huge) would be challenged to craft such today. Don’t you think?

Which one was your favourite? Do comment in.

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  1. Gaurav Pathak Reply

    Cambridge one is Gold. Missing the Agency credentials. Thanks as always sir. Very informative, please read.

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