Max New York Life: Sanju and his iPod

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One of the better ads on view now is this one from Max New York Life. It caught my eye because it was very real and did not shout out ‘hey I am an ad, watch me!’. There are times when we think the worst that could have happened with our loved ones and the film believably captures this. The tension is built nicely only to discover that Sanju was lost in his iPod.

On a lighter note, it reminded me of the several ‘iPod distraction’ articles on the net. The iPod has been blamed for traffic accidents and the Sydney Police even took out ads to raise awareness about accidents that can happen when crossing the road, listening to an iPod.

There are tonnes of these tugging-at-your-heartstrings-type tearful commercials with ‘deep’ message in this category. This one aims to work at a different level. I like.

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