Microhoo not happening: no boohoohoo

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It’s official. Microsoft has pulled out of it bid for Yahoo!. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said: “After careful consideration, we believe the economics demanded by Yahoo do not make sense for us, and it is in the best interests of Microsoft stockholders, employees and other stakeholders to withdraw our proposal”. Thus preventing this and this from happening.

If some of the web gurus and financial experts are to be believed the deal does not make sense. Unmanageable size of the new company, mismatch in cultures are all reasons cited. See here and here. Anyhoo, here is an interesting post on why Microsoft has come out the winner in this.

Except for Windows Live Writer, I have not been a fan of a single Microsoft product. And Yahoo simply bugged the hell out of me with their Yahoo Messenger installs and toolbars. Thank God they left Flickr alone.I am just your average tech user and for me this deal was a sign of defeat by Microsoft. And the merged entity reminded me of this ad. Hee hee or should I say hoo, hoo?


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