The Ceat T-shirt man: solution to all creative problems

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Since the revelation of the new logo, Ceat has been telling us all about change. The creative idea is unwittingly funny – a man wearing a T-shirt saying ‘Change’ explains why change is around the corner, change is healthy etc.

Here’s a thought. This has potential to solve all our creative problems. Here’s how:

– we create T-shirt men and women for all categories
– we then let them explain the brand benefits.

Our hero wears a T-shirt saying ‘Dhaag’. He then goes about doing a lot of good deeds like helping old people cross the road. Other people wearing ‘Dhaag’ T-shirts join in by rescuing puppies, putting out fires etc. The film ends with ‘Dhaag achche hain‘.

We see a man walking down the busy street. He is wearing t-shirt saying ‘Zindagi’. Strangely, there is another man who is always two steps ahead of him. He is wearing a Kotak t-shirt. Then the penny drops. Kotak – zindagi se do kadam aagey.

The guys at Havell’s have already taken this seriously. Have you seen the ad where the dancing girl ‘Bijli’ faints and Havell’s fan comes to the rescue with the baseline, ‘Bijli ko bachaiye’. Replace that with ‘Sehat’ and you have a whole lot of ads for cooking oils.

How can I miss this obvious one? Our man wears ‘Dimaag’ t-shirt and has his backside set on fire – ‘dimaag ki batti jalade’. And then we have 2 guys – one wearing the ‘Confusion’ t-shirt and the other ‘Great combination’ t-shirt. They play hide and seek. Confusion gets bored and leaves the scene. Perfect for the baseline, ‘No confusion, only great combination’.

And then this can go on to our movies. We create a 007-like character and he is the – you guessed it – change agent.

I better stop now.

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  1. Superb piece! As for CEAT and the afore mentioned “change”…why would you want to change something as good as “Born Tough?”

  2. All the brands are wearing a Tshirt called “Ass” and you are kicking them….cheers!

  3. Thanks George. Yes, wonder why they gave up a great property. And John, I try my best. Wonder why it does not work in the office!

  4. i am wondering if ceat’s next branding exercise would be called ‘ex-change’… or would it be on the lines of TOI’s launch campaign in Chennai – ‘Next Change’ 😉

  5. Very good piece. The cost of production comes down phenomenally and one need not think of ambient ideas.

    As for the ad , the premise of the creative is: ‘since people are resistant to change lets make change humourous, so that it is more acceptable. Well in this case the creative has gone overboard. Maybe there is a “change” required (of thought).

  6. manuscrypts, Biju – thanks. The ambient idea can be with auto drivers and bus conductors. Every time they get a 100-rupee note they can ask, ‘Ceat nahin hai kya’?;)

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