11 top creative ads of the week: @KFC_UKI, @Dream11, @bouyguestelecom and more

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Advertising trade portals were abuzz with work from two big name fast food outlets – KFC and Burger King last week. I also came across interesting work relatively lesser known brands. And in India it is the season for IPL – which sees the launch of several new ad campaigns. Herewith a few which caught my eye.

KFC: Chicken Town

A legendary brand like KFC has a unique problem: imitation brands. A new campaign in UK attempts to convey ‘there can only be one KFC’ in a TVC that oozes swag.

Agency: Mother

The print ad drives home the point with an image of wannabe KFC’s from A to Z.

Burger King: burn that ad

It is not easy to integrate technology into a brand campaign in a way that it does not look forced or gimmicky. Burger King in Brazil uses augmented reality in their mobile app by urging consumers to point at advertising from competing brands. The screen then shows the ads being ‘burnt’. The reward? A free Whopper. It ticks all the boxes in a strategic manner – as ‘flame grilling’ is linked to the brand, there is an immediate gratification in terms of the cool factor and a visit to the store is guaranteed.

Bouygues Telecom: visit tograndmother

Great network coverage is a common enough proposition for telecom brands. In France, Bouygues Telecom wanted to convey that its coverage is good, even in rural areas (a promise which would be relevant even in India). The message is delivered in a cute little story. Even though the plot was apparent to me early on in the ad, it is compelling view and brings a smile.

Agency: BETC, Paris

Zelle: gifts

A payment brand in the US, Zelle seems to be a feature inside a native app from a bank. In a set of ads the brand bring alive the common problem of receiving gifts which one doesn’t really want for various reasons. The writing in the ad combined with the ‘yes we’ve all been there’ kind of situations, the ads worked for me. 

Agency: Huge 

DDB: re-branding

Many ad agency brands have gone through a re-branding exercise of late. Among them this one from DDB stood out for me as it un-did the ‘abbreviation route’ by going back to their roots. The logo is a refresh of their original logo which was a reflection of the full name Doyle Dane Bernbach represented by two D’s stacked on top of another to resemble the letter B – for Bernbach, the legendary ad man. 

I liked the visual representation of the new logo in various collaterals – as shown in the video. 

Some views on design, brand identity and some showcase here.

Nationwide: print ads

UK is one market where print ads are still ‘crafted’ – where there is an idea and effort is put in to write compelling copy and create communication that resonates…brings a smile. As I read this well-written ad, I could sense the care with which the creative team produced this piece of work and the effort they put in. Kudos. Aside from the writing, the reason given to invest in physical branches builds an affinity towards the brand.  

Dream11: cricket

Here’s a gaming app which has become a brand valued over $500mn in a very short time. While the insight – that Indian’s go to any length for cricket is not really new the execution is charming and makes the brand endearing.

Agency : Tilt

Paytm: new brand film

Here’s a utility brand which has triggered a change in behaviour and attitude towards digital payment and has become part of millions of Indians’ daily lives. The earlier brand films, rightly so perhaps focused on the utility aspect – paying for an auto rickshaw ride or gifting someone monies easily. A new film pitches the brand on a higher plane as it were by positioning it as an enabler of dreams. The situation fits in well with the Indian Premier League and the line ‘today he broke a glass pane, tomorrow he will break records’ is in line with the tournament throwing up several relatively unknown players from small town India who’ve gone on to earn fame.

Agency: McCann

PhonePe: taking potshots

Signing up a celebrity for endorsement may be seen by some as an easy way out for brands. However, how the celebrity is being used in advertising – simply as a talking head or as an interesting character in a relevant storyline, makes a difference. In a new campaign for PhonePe, actor Aamir Khan is portrayed as an elderly gent showcasing its features. While the acting maybe slightly over the top in some ads, it is interesting to see the brand take potshots at rival brands.

Agency: MullenLowe Lintas

My views on celebrity advertising here, here and here.

Swiggy: being prepared

Among the many gig economy brands in India, ads from Swiggy have largely been consistent in breaking the clutter. The use case presented in the ads usually gets the viewer nodding in agreement and the new set fo ads for IPL are no different. The casting too has been top notch as in this one and the oft seen problem-solution approach works as it is light hearted and not serious.

Agency: MullenLowe Lintas

Wolf & Shepherd shoes: half marathon

Dress shoes so comfortable that you can run a marathon in them is a daring proposition. Instead of it remaining a mere claim, Wolf & Shepherd actually took part in the half marathon in Atlanta.

Which one was your favourite? Any noteworthy new ads I missed? Do comment in.

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