Kingfisher takes on Indigo

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I was indifferent to Indigo until I saw this campaign. I have flown Indigo only once and never compared it with any other airline. My personal choice of airlines was anyway restricted to Jet & Kingfisher. So I was curious to see this outdoor campaign from Kingfisher disparaging Indigo.


Unless the numbers on the ground show otherwise, why take on low-cost airlines? The Indigo campaign made no reference to competition and hence this doesn’t seem like a counter attack. So, a campaign for Kingfisher that has reminded me of its competition. Any ‘indi-pendent’ thoughts on this?

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  1. It’s just plain stupid marketing and makes me think Kingfisher are a bit mouthy. Easy to sell into inexperienced clients but Kingfisher have done some hip stuff if I’m not mistaken.

  2. Gijikrishnan Reply

    Recession is the culprit here. I am sure Kingfisher is finding it difficult to fill their capacity and they assume that customers (especially corporates) are swithcing on to low cost airlines. The campaign is aimed at getting them back. I am not sure if they have any data to support the theory. They are perceiving competition form every airline operator irrespective of their positioning.

  3. @Charles, thanks for dropping by. Kingfisher launched without a ‘business class’ hoping to give a business class like experience to all. It didn’t get them the corporate travelers initially and then they switched to launching a business class. They have been smart in taking on Jet Airways in the past. But this attempt to rubbish a competing brand (which I don’t see as competition) stumps me.
    @Gijikrishnan, good point. As I said, maybe numbers on the ground forced them to take on the low cost airlines during these tough times.

  4. My 2 cents: I believe the latest TV commercial of Indigo takes a dig on certain habits of Indian passengers in a little rude manner at the end of the ad – although humorous I believe KF took advantage of that and did this piece.

  5. I think its a desperate attempt by KF to gain attention. Why even compare yourself with Indigo when you belong or atleast claim to belong to a different segment ? Beats me ! I remember one lovely ad for jetblue ( I guess Lucky had also posted that ad ) which was addressed to high fliers in the aftemath of the bailout and TARP and arguing why they must look at jetblue before considering taking out their private Jet. Brilliant stuff… . I think those are the stuff we need to see if we are looking at topicality. Sadly KF lost an opportunity…

  6. I am sure the IndiGO ad of Ajay the Indian Buss Traveler always walking in (oops! ‘running in’) late, going around with plenty of luggage – presto IndiGO takes care of Ajay has upset Mallya!

    No doubt, it may seem indignation for the un-initiated, particularly when one hears in the ad desperate pleas of air-hostesses in the background ‘sir, please donot open over head lockers…’ – well, a typical majority Indian syndrome, one cant deny! So what if IndiGO used ‘us’ Indians in a targeted campaign!

    Well, this advert of KF with a message Avanti ‘Respect’ and Bon Voyage ‘Indignation’ shoots itself on the foot! Dont miss the pile of garbage under the banner (well, the banner poles possibly serving as urinal if there is a little privacy below the ‘display’ area!!

    Hardluck King Fisher… ‘We are Like that Only’ as Ms Rama Bijapurkar of IIMA says, while defining the characteristics of Indian Market Nuances!

    Who knows, Indigo’s Ad may get quite a few Ajay s (including the ones travelling by KF) & even change the attitude of a few of them! Just as well.

    As to those who think that we are downplaying ourselves, bad publicity for India Inc etc aka Slumdog Millionnaire noises initiated by AB & rolled on faster than a tsunami around the globe – well, so what? Is the reality not much worse than what is projected? The irony is that every one, including the pseudo patriots, know that it is!!

  7. A clumsy attempt by Kingfisher at getting on to the recession dancefloor. Clearly shows lack of confidence. This is worse than the BJP-Congress cat-fight. To look good, show the other in poor light. Indigo (going by the ad) to me actually has some value to bring to the table.

  8. Thanks for the comments @Kaycee, that was longer than my post:). Anbu, Assorted Cookies – I remember seeing a print ad from Kingfisher Red in ET which compared itself to other low-fare airlines and said that they don’t cut corners on frills and service (at least not as much). Pitting their own ‘upper-tier’ brand in a similar situation does seem odd.

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