3 outdoor campaigns of note from the WPPed Cream 2016 awards

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WPPed Cream – the internal creative awards for WPP group agencies have been awarded since 2007. The categories have evolved over the years to reflect changing times. Thankfully, ‘advertising’ is still a category with awards for print, outdoor and film. Just a decade ago, outdoor was limited to vinyl billboards. But today, the category includes fancy interactive and digital installations and more.

In this years awards, here are a few outdoor campaigns which caught my eye:

1. Automobile Association of Singapore

Alcohol is beautiful in small amounts, says this PSA for the Automobile Association of Singapore. The execution involves showcasing a crystallised drop of your favourite tipple. This campaign won a silver at Cannes too. It is great for a sophisticated, evolved audience who are likely to get the message of responsible drinking.

Alcohol art




Agency: JWT, Singapore

2. Powerade: workout billboard


This is a simple execution of demonstrating what the product can deliver. It is also an example of the blurring lines between activation, stunt, PR and outdoor.

Agency: Ogilvy, Germany

3. The Good Note – Bou Khalil Supermarket

The problem: money given to beggars in Lebanon could end up being spent on all the wrong things. Knowing this, many Lebanese simply stopped giving because they couldn’t trust that their money was being used for good things. A supermarket brand, Bou Khalil then printed Good Notes which could be used in the supermarket to buy food and other necessities.

I thought the outdoor ads bring alive the worry of where money could actually be spent and presents Good Note as an option.




Agency: JWT, Beirut

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