Absolut: this anthem is not gooseflesh stuff

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I actually looked forward to seeing this new work for Absolut, titled ‘Anthem’. Needless to say, the earlier Absolut work is legendary stuff.  They abandoned it for some reason recently and switched over to ‘In an Absolut World’ theme. Frankly, I was getting used to the new theme and some of the stuff that they did with it was interesting. But this new anthem left me baffled.

The ‘In an Absolut World’ campaign won an Epica Award for Integrated work in 2008. Some of the stuff – a world where clothes in a washing machine come out ironed and folded – brought a smile to your face. And the expression was brought alive through many touch points – street graffiti changed to Art, for example. This one introduces a new angle to Absolut – something about thinking differently and ‘exceptional’ stuff.  What happened to the simplicity of  Absolut? The new baseline is: Doing things differently leads to something exceptional. Hmm, this is perhaps a first – a PowerPoint slide on a TVC.

And oh, Absolut Hollywood and Absolut New York called. They want their ads back.

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  1. What tosh! They didn’t even work hard to come up with that line – the TBWA\ definition of convention (as against disruption, their core philosophy) is something like doing the same thing over and over again to come up with a different result (verrrry roughly). They basically gave the converse of it to Absolut. Pmffff….

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