Of AK Hangal and social media

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Jokes about the general pointlessness of social media networks abound. They are seen as good for idle talk and sharing photos. While that is perhaps the overarching perception, we’ve read about brands & individuals using these tools for a social cause. I got to witness it first hand yesterday: while the news of actor AK Hangal’s poor health and penury made the headlines, individuals turned to Facebook to garner support.

My good friend and a big bundle of enthusiasm, talent & positivity – Rekha Nigam took the initiative of starting a Facebook Group: Itna Sannaata Kyon Hai Bhai. The Group aims to ‘let Hangal Sahab know that we care‘ and members can provide voluntary financial support to the actor.

It’s fascinating to see the real power of social media complementing individual initiative & enterprise. That aside, how about joining the group and spreading the word? Much appreciated.

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