15 new print ads with great idea and execution

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I love print ads. I follow a lot of sites which showcase new creative work – with digital work (YouTube films, social media campaigns, tech-driven stunts, mobile apps and so on) taking centerstage. But I always check out new print work and love it when I spot well-thought through and executed print campaigns. I also have a soft corner for great copywriting but that’s rare to see nowadays as most ads are visual-idea driven.

Herewith a few recent campaigns:

Garnier: 20% more colour

Fun way of conveying more. Breaks category code which usually announces such in a bland way.

Garner print ad

vw velocidad

vw velocidad

Agency: Publicis, Chile

J Shoes: Be in character

Ah, the leaps a creative mind takes. Loved the simplicity of idea and execution. In line with fashion advertising where product is the hero, yet strikingly different.

J Shoes print ads




Agency: 18 Feet & Rising, London, UK

Gillette: The art of shaving

Evolution needs a gentle reminder every morning, is the claim. There have been other visual driven ads in the category likening an unshaven, unkempt man to a chimp, but this one is deep.

Gillette Art of Shaving

Agency: BBDO

Poa Jazz Festival

Loved the lines in this campaign.

poa-jazz-festival-breaking-heard-applause-print-365635-adeevee poa-jazz-festival-breaking-heard-applause-print-365636-adeevee poa-jazz-festival-breaking-heard-applause-print-365637-adeevee

Agency: Dez Comunicação, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Yuju Milk: easy to drink, hard to explain

The product has ‘the softness of milk, taste of juice and freshness of water’. The tag line ‘easy to drink, hard to explain’ captures the idea.

yuju-milk-easy-hard-print-365548-adeevee yuju-milk-easy-hard-print-365549-adeevee yuju-milk-easy-hard-print-365550-adeevee

Agency: Hasan & Partners, Helsinki, Finland

Which one was your favourite?

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  1. choudhary Harish Reply

    Garnier 20% extra: loved it simple and very fresh idea.

  2. Gillette: The art of shaving, is my favourite one.

    With Famous tag line: The Best A Man Can Get.

    Thanks for sharing this. Love this post.

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