Men’s fashion advertising: gaping void

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Yesterday’s Sunday supplement of the Times of India carried a men’s fashion brand ad in every page. In all of them, the lead model simply stares into camera – the variations are in the eyewear (seen with or without), the headline and other such minor issues.

On the front page there is the ad for Louise Philippe urging you to Wear Young.


Next comes the Zod ad. Since this is club wear, the model is wearing dark glasses. Get it?


And then we have the Vimal ad. This one is truly different – it shows he model running towards the beach (it could also be that he is running away from the other brands).


There is differentiation in the ‘When you know’ position of Arrow. But in this execution, I can only see that he is looking down at something – probably the competition.


The Elite model stands in solitary splendour in this ad for Peter England.


In a clutter breaking execution, the male model is joined by a female model in the ad for Cottons.


The ad for Turtle goes one step further in including boys & girls in the ad. It also tells us that it is the winner in the Retail Trade category of Emerging India awards.


So, given that the festive season is upon us and new clothes are a must, which brand are you likely to choose? Will the brand purchase have anything to with these ads?

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