KBC: time to go beyond the great leveller theme

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One of the comments regarding the new ads for KBC is that while the earlier ad themes of the show being a great leveller were relevant, winning hearts is not.

Agency: Leo Burnett

In my view, the show has long gone past the need to convey the thought that it is a great leveller…that anybody can win, as long as they have the knowledge. That thought has been drilled into the viewer’s head for several seasons now and consumer’s believe it. People from decidedly humble backgrounds winning large sums over the years has strengthened that thought. So I feel it is right to focus on the show’s participants winning hearts. That too is a perception which simply needs reinforcement. Over the past few seasons viewers have liked many participants simply because of the way they conducted themselves on the show. And after all, it is show – not just a quiz show. Participants who have a quick repartee or articulate their views well have won people’s hearts. To that extent, the show is about winning hearts. What say?

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