Apple’s ‘Memory’, Canal+ and more: creative ads of the week

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It wasn’t a week of rich pickings when it came to creative ads last week. There were only a handful I liked instantly and the list includes a TV spot from Apple and a few print ads from UK.

iPhone X : Memory

The basic tenets of advertising include ‘make it noticeable’ (all else is academic otherwise), focus on the benefits (not features) and convey it in a compelling manner. Apple’s communication has largely ticked off all three boxes consistently over the years. In this ad for Face ID, the proposition ‘Remembering your password doesn’t have to feel like a memory challenge’ is dramatised to mimic yesteryear TV quiz shows. Loved it.

Canal+: Dunkirk

The very latest movies being available on TV is a compelling benefit for viewers. Canal+ has made a TVC presenting the same benefit in a new perspective: ‘Don’t wait for movies to get old’. It seems like a fairly big production to convey something with a short shelf life but the casting and writing is compelling.

Agency: BETC, Paris

Volkswagen: zone temperature control

I remember seeing an ad for Blue Star air conditioners in India which dramatised the problem of uneven cooling in offices. A print ad for Volkswagen’s zone temperature control in a car brings the same idea alive in print.

Agency: DDB, Argentina. As with many print ads, why create a campaign when one ad will do?

UK topical print ads

Despite the loss to Croatia in the semi-finals, media and brands congratulated the England team on their performance at the FIFA World Cup. Here’s Three UK’s print ad with a visual pun on ‘Three Lions’.

Yorkshire Tea created this cheeky ad ‘proving’ that the England team is 100% Yorkshire.

Which one was your favourite? Comment in.

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