Toon Blast, Generation Wild and more: 6 top creative ads of the week

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Of late, I have not spotted very many ad campaigns which I found to be compelling enough to share in this space. Here are a few which brought a smile and stood out from the clutter.

1. Toon Blast: Ryan Reynolds

When the brand promise is generic (‘great taste’ as a promise for a chocolate brand) it all depends on the creative execution to make the commercial memorable. It is a risky strategy alright but seems to work superbly for ‘Toon Blast’ – a mobile game which dramatises the proposition of ‘addictive play’ (which most popular games can claim to be). The use of Ryan Reynolds as a distracted actor, immersed in game play drives home the point well.

Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day

The campaign also includes smart 10-seconders which dramatise addictive play.

2. Great Outdoors Colorado: Generation Wild

I love it when agencies do a great job when tasked to craft campaigns meant to change behaviour for good. Great Outdoors Colorado, wanted to inspire app-addicted kids to go and play in the ‘great outdoors’. I loved several elements of the creative execution including a ‘100 Things to Do Before You’re 12‘ bucket list. It includes ‘Read a book under a tree’ and ‘dig up worms’. Read more about the campaign here and here.

Agency: Sukle

3. Hyundai: Brilliant Moments

It’s been 20 years since Hyundai cars launched in India. To mark the occasion, the brand has created a campaign titled ‘Brilliant Moments‘. The two most popular films in the series don’t really have a twist in the tale but the central theme and the execution have earned them immense popularity.

Agency: Innocean

The website urges users to share their memories of the brand and execution has enough elements to stir nostalgia.

4. iPhone X: Unleash

How do you convey great processing power without mentioning the tech specs even once? Here’s how.

5. Greenpeace: straws

As more food establishments ban the use of plastic straws the topic is in the limelight. These set of striking posters from Greenpeace bring alive the issue.

Agency: Rethink, Canada

6. Ladbrokes: UK advert

Sports betting is legal and big in the UK. Naturally, the recently concluded FIFA World Cup is an opportunity for Ladbrokes – ‘for the bettors of Britain’ to pay a tribute to the tournament highlights. Loved the copy and the summation.

Which one was your favourite? Comment in.

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