BT Sport, Volkswagen Tiguan and more: 7 top creative ads of the week

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This week I noticed a slew of traditional TV spots which were compelling and conveyed the brand benefit in a memorable way. Here are my top 5 creative ads of the week:

1. BT Sport: Take them all on

Advertising, as with any other popular culture is full of cliches. Sport advertising usually depicts athletic men in action on a sporting field or fans (mostly men) doing high fives and pumping fists. It is refreshing to see a little girl cast as the main protagonist in an ad for BT Sport to announce the arrival of a new season. In the ad, the girl imagines battling many sports stars from across the sporting world. Loved it.

Agency: AMV BBDO

2. Virgin Media: Adventures of Bolt

Blazing fast speed is a generic promise from broadband companies. The benefit can be dramatised in many ways. Here’s one from UK where a ‘faster than a speeding train’ Usain Bolt, averts a disaster.

Agency: BBH London

3. Sky Sports: take your seat

Sometimes a creative expression which exaggerates a common, everyday expression in a literal way can make for compelling viewing. In this spot for Sky Sports, people are literally ‘taking a seat’ to watch all the sporting action. The humour and the little side takes (like the big boss being wheeled in by a bunch of assistants) makes it a fun view and drives home the point.

Agency: adam&eveDDB

4. Bwin: it all starts here

‘Download the app and play now’ could very well have been the proposition for an app like Bwin which offers online betting and real money gaming. But the fantasy world of a sophisticated casino is the setting and the ‘reverse’ technique brings alive the idea of where it all started.

Agency: BBH Sport

5. The Great British Bakeoff: trailer

Cooking shows seem to popular across age groups and the show’s origin doesn’t seem to matter for a global audience. Aside from MasterChef, another popular programme (especially with kids) seems to be ‘The Great British Bakeoff’. The show evokes great interest in my family and challenges where one has to create a reference figure evoke gasps. All the sentiment is beautifully captured in this trailer for the next season.

Agency: 4Creative

6. Philips: baby surveillance camera

The creative mind ‘sees’ what others don’t. Here’s a perspective from a baby surveillance camera imagining the professions the sleeping babies might adopt.

Title: ‘Swimmer’.
Title: Dancer
Title: ‘Sprinter’

Agency: FCB, Bucharest

7. Volkswagen: Tiguan Allspace

Since I spent a lot of time in ad agencies, I could spot the benefit trying to be conveyed, pretty early on in the spot – I didn’t have to wait till the big reveal. See if you can too.

Agency: Almap BBDO

Which ones was your favourite? Do comment in.

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