‘Write your new chapters’ for #AmazingThailand, ‘Work Happy’ for HP and more: top new creative ads

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A majority of the ads suffer a fate worse than being disliked – they are ignored. Creating advertising that is noticed, remembered and liked is not easy. My weekly collection of clutter-breaking creative ads is a small tribute to teams which manage to entertain or moves us while meeting a business objective. Amazing Thailand, HP among others caught my eye this past week or so:

Amazing Thailand: ‘Write Your New Chapters’

As with any other buying decision there is choice involved when it comes to choosing a destination for leisure travel. However, interesting dimensions evolve as it is about choosing one country or region over another. Thanks to popular culture, current affairs and marketing, we form imageries and perceptions about countries. We expect certain type of experiences when visiting a region. Of course, such perceptions and expectations could vary but mostly there are common threads.

Destinations such as Singapore, Switzerland, India, Dubai, New Zealand or Italy are likely to evoke sharp, specific imageries in people’s minds. In that vein, Thailand is likely to be known for Bangkok, tropical beaches, palaces, resorts and temples. A charming new film, told in a story format covers some of these visuals but showcased the country in a new light for me.

Agency: BBDO

As an aside, there seems to a more conventional, safe version of the ad too.

HP: Work Happy

Juxtaposing two different concepts with contrasting visuals is a visual technique used often in ads. A secluded resort promoting a break from the hustle & bustle of city life may show a row of ducks and cue a traffic jam. A new ad highlighting the accepted reality of hybrid work shows an ‘old word’ CEO giving advice on career success (‘get plenty of face time with the boss’ is contrasted with a father playfully making faces in front of his daughter while attending to work). The gag hits home as the choice of visuals and the audio (cold calls, firm hand shake) work well together to drive home the point and bring a smile.

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy

Nissan: 60 years in 30 seconds

Heritage brands have the advantage of showcasing their journey. But not many succeed in making it interesting for the viewer as it is mostly an inward-looking approach. A new film for Nissan cleverly showcases the racing and product heritage of the brand to convey what it means for a truck buyer of today.

McDonald’s UK: MyMcDonald’s Rewards

Of late, one keeps hearing of ‘story telling’ as a key ingredient of good marketing and advertising. It is not a new phenomenon actually as many great ads have ‘told stories’ without claiming to do so. A new spot to highlight a loyalty programme for McDonald’s in the UK tells the ‘story’ of a trucker who collects points as he makes various purchases on his long journey back home. When he reaches home he has collected enough points to surprise his wife with a McChicken Sandwich and enjoy a cozy moment. It sounds mundane but the execution is charming and brings a smile.

Agency: Leo Burnett

Three UK: the heist

The ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign has triggered many clones. Apple showcased the capabilities of its camera through an outdoor campaign. Later it dramatised the video quality thorough ads and short films shot on the iPhone. A new ad for Honor Magic4 Pro has a short film with lovely twist running in the UK.

M&S: eat well, play well

Legendary footballer and TV presenter Ian Wright stars in a film to promote healthy eating habits. I loved the use of stock footage, images and graphics to edit a visually interesting film which could have sounded preachy.

Specsavers: home visits

‘Should have gone to Specsavers’ is popular enough as a tagline to become part of memes. A new ad to promote its Home Visits service, cleverly ‘disses’ the line with several folks claiming they don’t go to Specsavers any more.

Giorgio Armani: Code

When I was in advertising, I came to know of film production houses who specialise in certain categories: food shots for example. Their show reel would be full of exquisitely shot ingredients which were visually rich. I was reminded of those when I saw the ingredient shots in this ad for luxury perfume by Giorgio Armani.

Which one was your favourite? Do comment in.

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