iPhone XS ‘Growth Spurt’, Burger King’s AI-created ads and more: top creative ads of the week

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Every day we come across hundreds of commercial messages. But we notice only a handful and remember an even smaller number. Here are a few creative ads I noticed and loved from last week.

1. iPhone XS: Growth Spurt

I have written several blog posts about Apple and its advertising over the years. A common thread in the ads from Apple is that almost all of them focus on the benefit to the consumer, anchored on a product feature -there are no empty ‘lifestyle’ cues or claims. Many of them manage to add a twist in the tale as with this one focusing on the big screens of the iPhone XS.

2. Burger King: Whopper Mansion

It’s great to see mainstream brands take a lighthearted approach to the marketing industry’s obsession with emerging technology. Here are a couple of ads ‘created by artificial intelligence’ apparently. The ads were actually created by humans while the brand claimed ‘we forced a bot to watch 1000 hours of BK commercials, then asked it to write a few of its own’.

The ads begin with a card ‘This ad was created by artificial intelligence’ and go on to spout lines made up of random words related to the category & brand. The ploy works wonderfully well, as is evident by the appreciative comments from viewers and truck loads of free publicity.

Agency: David, Miami

3. Virgin Atlantic-Aviation Gin

Great brands craft a consistent brand personality over time. How do you do that when two brands come together? Here’s how: Virgin’s Richard Branson and super star Ryan Reynolds, now owner of Aviation Gin come together to announce a partnership. Hilarity ensues.

4. Clorox: Expensive Stains

The juxtaposition of a seemingly unreal price tag to an everyday object like an ice cream drives home the point that it can save expensive clothes from getting spoilt. Simple and effective.



Agency: FCB&Fire

5. Castrol: Beat the heat

The benefit being sought to convey (withstands extreme heat) is generic for an engine oil but the idea of creating a robot which thrives on the liquid and the illustration style make it memorable.

Agency: Icon Advertising, Dubai

6.BBC2: idents

Channel idents – those short duration videos which dramatise the logo or the brand identity – can contribute to a channel’s brand personality. Remember the classic MTV idents? Here are 16 new idents for BBC Two – their first rebrand in 20 years created by British and international animators.

Agency: BBC Creative

7. IKEA: Catnap

A continuation of IKEA’s ‘Wonderful Everyday’ theme, here is a spot which dramatises how comfortable a sofa can be with a few additions.

Agency: Mother, London

8. E4 Rebrand: idents

Channel4 has produced highly acclaimed ads over the years. Their youth focused channel E4, gets in identity makeover with a series of idents.

Agency: 4Creative

9. Honda: Dream Makers

Brands sponsoring a TV show or a feature film is common enough. Most of them simply produce a graphic of the show title with the brand logo slapped on. Here’s Honda paying tribute to the craft of film making as the sponsor of ‘Film on 4’. Loved the idea and the brand integration.

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, London

10. Tata Steel: #WeAlsoMakeTomorrow

Tata Steel’s ‘We also make steel‘ campaign is part of marketing legend in India. To match or even top that is going to be difficult task for the brand. In #WeAlsoMakeTomorrow the team has conveyed how they help in building infrastructure and a greener future. I loved the sweet, filled-with-hope jingle and the sentiment it conveys. Touching, inspiring.

Agency: JWT

11.Apollo Tyres: #ThrillUpYourBeast

Portraying a bike as a beast is pretty much close how to passionate owners see their bikes, especially of the sporty variety. In that context, a relatively ‘boring’ category like tyres needs to be glamourised. This spot does that well with top notch production values.

Agency: JWT

12. Samsonite: #KeralaIsOpen

Whoever thought of this idea deserves kudos. The recent floods in Kerala would definitely have affected tourism. In an effort to rebuild Kerala where tourism plays an important role in the economy, Samsonite India has created this lovely ad. Nice integration of the product category without it being a force fit. Loved it.

Agency: Autumn Worldwide

Which one was your favourite? Comment in.

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