Ads from the Gulf: raising the bar on idea & execution

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Harvey Nichols. Land Rover. Braun. Ads for global brands such as these have been regulars at top notch creative awards of late. These aren’t created in the UK, South America or Thailand but in the UAE. There was a time in India where advertising from the Gulf wasn’t viewed favorably by the creatives. Not any more, I think. The quality of execution in particular is world-class. The ad campaigns for Batelco, Harvey Nichols, EA, Career Junction and several more have been honored through awards or praise in ad blogs. Even in ambient, ideas like Stopache (Splitting Headache) have been executed well.

I guess Dubai’s global talent pool across industries plays a role. Advertising agencies in Dubai attracts talent from developed markets, where there is a premium on great execution of an idea. And they don’t seem to spare any effort to get the execution right. The Batelco campaign for example, seems to have been executed by experts in Thailand.

At the recently announced Epica Awards, 2011 ads from the UAE made their mark. Here are a few of the award winning entries.

Loved the creative leap of the Land Rover ads and more importantly the painstaking research and the super execution. The Batelco ads evoke a jaw-dropping reaction – almost like seeing Inception in print media. And oh, good to see Indians like Shahir Zaig and Kalpesh Patankar feature regularly in global ad awards. In India, some of the global award winning ads (Conqueror Paper, for example) are impeccably executed. I do understand that creatives take an extra effort in executing ideas that they think have a chance at global awards. Nevertheless, how do Indian print ads compare in terms of execution?

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