Seen and noted: Silence of Love – Thai Life Insurance

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Thai advertising has been a trendsetter in the region for years now. They’ve done everything – humor, emotion, computer graphics, episodic ads, short ads, bizarre ads…the works. And their print execution too has been slick and world class.

A new ad for Thai Life Insurance is doing the rounds of ad blogs – sure to bring tears to your eyes.

Is the new one as powerful as this old one?

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  1. Even without the CC, it is very powerful communication… this is some campaign. I know I am not going to buy the insurance from them yet the company made a mark in the mind – thanks to their ad company.

    Thank you so much for sharing this Mr Bhat, I am sure many ad enthusiast would find this ad worth learning from.

  2. Sriram Iyer Reply

    It’s nice to see ads that do not bombard the communication with rational benefit, brand promise etc. What works brilliantly here is that they connect with you emotionally. There are more chances of me remembering Thai insurance than any other insurance company that creates an ad around the brand rather than appeal to a person’s emotions.

  3. Oh come on Bhatnaturally! A deaf mute dad, a pretty but an angst ridden adolescent daughter, cruel, cruel classmates, slit wrists, and the piece de resistance of a tormented father trying to articulate his anguish…a tear jerker? But naturally.
    Since you succumbed to this manipulative soap opera…
    see I have this lame pup whose mum ( bitch that she is) abandoned him when he was a tyke of two weeks. As you know – I’m an orphan living in a cardboard carton with aforementioned tyke. He is my only companion in this whole uncaring world. Now my cruel cruel neighbor wants his carton back and the monsoon is just days away and there’s this lovely two bedroom apartment I saw off Lavelle road that I can’t afford. Send money? Please. My heart ( the one with the hole in it) will be forever grateful.

    • Hahaha! The cheque is in the mail. It maybe shameful exploitation, a tear jerker and all that as a 'sequel' to the previous Thai Insurance ads, it works.

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