Tiji: TV for imaginative kids, worrying parents

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How much TV is too much TV for kids? What kind of programmes should they be allowed to watch? The CBeebies kind or the Chchota Bheem kind? Such questions have plagued urban parents for years. Yet most of us treat the TV as a baby sitter or a temporary reprieve from kids and their attention-seeking ways. Personally speaking, I attempt to control my daughter’s TV watching habits (but fail miserably, I guess) by restricting her to stuff on TV that is both entertaining & educative in nature. One also attempts to exercise some kind of quality control – in terms of quality of content, visuals, language, age-appropriateness and slickness of execution. But deep down, there is a belief that  kids are imaginative and TV that caters to the imaginative minds can actually be a good thing.

In this context, the French children’s channel, Tiji TV has touched a chord among parents with their ‘imaginative minds need imaginative TV‘ proposition. They have executed this idea in many engaging ways. Their latest ad paints a bitter-sweet picture of a little boy who thinks the Panda is black & white in colour because he overslept the day the forest was being colored.

Agency: DDB, Paris

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  1. Really good. The story is so well told.

    Is this channel programs aired in English or the programs are in French?

  2. This is the most beautiful idea I have seen since morning. Reminds me of my imaginations as a kid (not that I'm not a kid anymore). But a few years ago, I used to think that when we go to sleep, our soul goes out to travel the world and when it gets tired, it comes back to us and that's when we wake up. I thought mine loved travelling because I never woke up early, ever 😀

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