Don’t Get Robbed by Your Bank, ‘ice cream for adults’ and more: top creative ads of the week

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Just as last week, there were some rich pickings in creative ads this week too. A refreshing new perspective on banking services, a hilarious execution to position ‘ice cream for adults’ and more.

Axos Bank: Banker Robbers

Bank robberies are situations one is familiar with thanks to movies and ads. Here’s an ad with turns that scenario on its head portraying bankers as robbers. It is an arresting (no pun intended) idea to dramatise the ‘excessive fees’ some banks charge.

Agency: Cutwater

The campaign has a set of print adverts executed on the lines of typical ‘Wanted’ posters.

Halo Top Creamery: ice cream for adults

At 280-360 calories per pint, Halo Top is positioned as ‘ice cream for adults’ because ‘adults need a lot of ice cream’. This sharp positioning allows for a strategy of exclusion whereby children are denied this brand because adults ‘deserve’ it. The writing is great and the campaign evokes more than a smile with situations adults can relate to.

Agency: 72andSunny

Voltas: adjustable AC

Come summer, several air conditioner brands in India vie for consumer attention. Over the last few years, Voltas has created advertising which cut through the clutter with ‘Mr. Murthy’ – who gets transferred to various parts of India in his job but remains comfortable thanks to an ‘all-weather’ AC. A new campaign positions it as an ‘adjustable AC’ with actors from popular web shows and writing which is natural and un-advertising like.

Agency: Ogilvy

LNER: London North Eastern Railway

How do you make a generic proposition in a category interesting? Good writing helps. A new ad for London North Eastern Railway aims to convey that it is an opportunity to see and interact with a diverse set of characters on a train journey. Aren’t all journeys about that? Yet it makes for a riveting watch.

Agency: Anomaly

Com Hem Broadband

‘A ring side view of sports’ or ‘as if you were there personally to witness the event’ were common themes for news publications in the pre-digital era. A new advert for Com Hem broadband in Sweden brings it alive for the mobile age. What first appears to be a bunch of trekkers carrying their injured friend on a stretcher is actually the protagonist watching it all on a video call from home.

Agency: M&C Saatchi

Audi R8: a pleasure to follow

‘A pleasure to drive’ is a common theme in automobile advertising, especially when it comes to premium variants. A new ad for Audi R8 ‘zigs while the world zags’ as it positions the car as a ‘pleasure to follow’. Without spelling it out it dramatises the ‘drool quotient’ of the car and reflects a very commonly seen behaviour too when one notices a great looking sports car on the roads. The choice of track – a cover of the 1970s classic hit, Close to You, by The Carpenters adds to the charm. Loved it.

Agency: BBH

Volkswagen: ups and downs

Who said B2B advertising has to be boring? A print campaign aimed at the logistics industry to convey that trucks play a crucial role in a nation’s commerce.

Agency: Geometry Global

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