‘Fly Audible’, Samsung ‘No reflections’ and more: creative ads of the week


‘How many ads do you recall from today’s newspaper?’ used to be a standard question in ad agency presentations when emphasising the need for clutter-breaking creative. You can replace ‘newspaper’ with any other mass media or new media and the answer would still be the same. Only a handful of ads get noticed – the first test of any advert. My pick of creative...

7 top creative ads of the week: Keep it real online, Optimum and more


For the past few years, I have attempted to share a few compelling creative ads with the audience of this blog. Once in a while I comment on issues pertaining to the advertising & marketing industry. Here are a few creative ads from New Zealand Government’s ‘Keep It Real Online’, Mars Petcare’s Optimum range and more. ‘Keep It Real’ online: New Zealand...

Sky Sports, ITV and more: creative ads of the week


I was expecting to see surfeit of ads pledging support to the Black Lives Matter movement or something related to COVID-19 – either about social distancing or bouncing back once the crisis is over. Surprisingly, I noticed a handful of compelling creative ads from Sky Sports, ITV and a few others last week: Sky Sports: The Comeback Many sports themed films – from athletic footwear to...

Even more creative ads for the #StayHome era


The current COVID-19 global crisis is unprecedented and incomparable in terms of crisis communication. There perhaps has been no single global pandemic or crisis affecting virtually all countries, citizens and enterprises. All previous crises were limited to a company (e.g. Maggi, Cadbury’s) or a category at best. In company-specific issues, they addressed product concerns on time...

Adobe, iPhone 11, McDonald’s and more: creative ads of the week


In my last week’s compilation, I missed out on a couple of charming Super Bowl spots, notably from Jeep and Google. Aside from them, here are a few creative ads which caught my eye this week. McDonald’s: late night Visual puns using elements strongly associated with the brands are not new to McDonald’s – as evident from this 2009 advert. A new campaign to highlight...

6 top creative ads of the week: Ruavieja, Samsung, Dublin Bus from @Rothco and more


Every week, I attempt to compile a list of clutter-breaking creative ads with some commentary of my own. You can look at some of the older posts here. This week’s compilation includes an offbeat Christmas film, an inspiring campaign for a service brand from Ireland, among others. Ruavieja: Escape Maybe it was my ad agency background, but I could guess the metaphor when the protagonist...

Marmite ‘Mind Control’, Smirnoff, BMW and more: 9 creative ads of the week


Most advertising goes unnoticed. Only a handful manage to break the clutter, get noticed and better still, remembered. Every week, I attempt to share a few compelling ads which caught my eye. This week, the collection of creative ads include TV spots from Marmite, Smirnoff and BMW among others. Marmite: Mind Control There have been several iconic campaigns for Marmite over the years – the...

Fevicol, Google Pay and more: creative ads of the week


Every week, I attempt to share a compilation of compelling creative ads with a comment or two. Sometimes one come across ads which immediately evoke an urge to share; but mostly one has to sift through several ad portals to shortlist a handful – pretty much like how we simply ignore most advertising. Here are a few which caught my eye: Fevicol: sofa Industrial product advertising is...

6 top creative ads of the week: @Vegemite @marmite @Delta and more


Every day hundreds of commercial messages are targeted at us. However, only a handful of them are noticed. An even smaller number is remembered and recalled correctly. Every week, I attempt to share a few compelling creative ads which caught my eye. Here are a few for the week ending August 9, 2019. Vegemite – Marmite spat The Ashes – a cricketing duel between Australia and England is...

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