6 top creative ads of the week: Ruavieja, Samsung, Dublin Bus from @Rothco and more

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Every week, I attempt to compile a list of clutter-breaking creative ads with some commentary of my own. You can look at some of the older posts here. This week’s compilation includes an offbeat Christmas film, an inspiring campaign for a service brand from Ireland, among others.

Ruavieja: Escape

Maybe it was my ad agency background, but I could guess the metaphor when the protagonist discovers the slip from under his prison door. Spanish liqueur brand Ruavieja (from Pernod Ricard) has created a stirring film for the holiday season urging us to break out from prisons of the mind which prevent us from spending more time with people we love.

Since the rise of social media and mobile addiction, many brands have taken on the task of educating consumers about the perils of spending too much time staring at screens, shunning social contact. Since mobile phones are an integral part of our lives, urging people to stop depending on them could be a tricky argument. In this film, the argument is taken to another level by referring to mental barriers we may create for ourselves, preventing us from investing in relationships. While the product makes an appearance towards the end, the brand connect is still strong in my opinion. This is a great extension of last year’s version of the central theme: ‘We Have To See More Of Each Other’.

Agency: Leo Burnett, Madrid

Samsung: 6 Underground

How do brands earn cool quotient? Aside from creating compelling products that create desire, communication and associated cues play a role. Celebrity endorsement in one such factor but a lot depends on how the celebrity is used. In this ad, ostensibly meant for Samsung OLED TV, actor Ryan Reynolds end up pitching his upcoming movie 6 Underground and his brand of gin, Aviation Gin – all in a tongue in cheek manner which makes for endearing viewing.

Agency: adam&eveDDB

Dublin Bus: Freedom of the city

Travel Assistance Scheme, launched by Dublin Bus helps people with disabilities to travel around the city using public transport. I cannot imagine such a scheme in highly populated cities of India but on its own it is such a wonderful gesture. A touching film highlights the life-changing impact of one such assistant Roger on other people’s lives.

What I liked most about the effort is that it is a real, on-the-ground effort first which makes a huge difference to people’s lives and then the story is told.

The print ad takes a different route (no pun intended), showcasing the people who benefitted while the layout cleverly mimics a route map.

Agency: Rothco, Accenture Interactive

Audi: electric

‘Electric has gone Audi’ has been the theme for Audi’s advertising for its electric cars. This print ad cleverly plays around with the iconic logo to bring it alive.

Agency: TBWA, Sweden

Tourism Canada: better America

Am not sure if this campaign is commissioned by Tourism Canada but I liked the strategic direction of positioning the country as having all that USA has without the downsides.

Agency: Miami Ad School, Europe

Mindworks Labs: speech

At an award show of Advertising & Design Club of Canada, the design director of Mindworks went up to receive an award and made this speech.

Turns out it was all a stunt for of the National Advertising Benevolent Society, which offers guidance and support services to marketing and media professionals. Most in the advertising & media business experience work related stress and hence it was a captive audience for whom the messaging was relevant. Loved it.

Agency: Cossette

Which one was your favourite? Do comment in.

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