Worth discussing over a Bard’s: whatever happened to good long copy?

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An ad campaign for Bard’s Beer, the original sorghum malt beer was voted ‘Best Copy’ by Ads of the World for March. Apart from forcing you to read every word of the body copy, what I liked about the campaign was the thought ‘Discuss it over a Bard’s’. Eminently extendable and more importantly, ownable.

BARDSInterviewAgency: Hunt Adkins, Minneapolis, USA

A his-res version and the rest of the ads are here. The website takes the idea of ‘worth discussing over a Bard’s’ with topics like ‘Is the world run by six women in Omaha?’ and ‘What does it take to get enshrined in the irony Hall of Fame in Bismarck, North Dakota?’. Good to see someone resorting to good long copy in this day and age.

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