iPhone has an App for That

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Apple has released 3 new commercials,  promoting the diversity of Apps on the iPhone. I guess the stage at which iPhone is in the US, calls for the different functionalities to be promoted rather than a ‘revolutionary phone, iPod and internet device’. The heartening thing is that they have not deviated from the simple, stark, focus-on-the-product approach since the launch of iPhone. Commendable consistency of approach – all of which adds over time to the simplicity in design’ perception of Apple.

The ads highlight the quirky or uncommon apps that bring on a chuckle. My favourite ones are ‘Itchy’ (featured below) and ‘Student’. Itchy showcases CompassGo and iBirdPlus – to identify the Red Faced Warbler!

When will Apple take the Indian market seriously? And when will the Indian consumer take to the iPhone and Apple? Not in the near future, I guess. Sigh. While there is some buzz about the new iPhone OS (3.0) – as was evident from the queries at the Apple reseller  stores in Bangalore – that is unlikely to spur sales. It’s all about the pricing and relative value here. And with the likes of Nokia, Balckberry et al talking about their own web apps & widgets, the prime mover advantage of iPhone in this area will erode soon.

As an aside, some of the off-beat Apps I have used (given the limited range of Apps available on the Indian store) include a Panchang (just for the heck of it!) and something called WhatTheFont (iTunes link) which allows you to get more details about a font by simply taking a snap. Any app that you found useful, quirky or a must-have?

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