Goafest’s poor online presence

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It’s been 3 days since the Goafest. If you are looking for a single compilation of the winners and the winning work on the internet, chances are, you will come a cropper. The logical place to look for it would be the official Goafest website – which sadly, still talks of registering for the event.

Major international awards, be it Cannes, Clio, Epica or even the Asian advertising festivals use the online medium to share live information on short lists, winners and the winning work. While Indian trade magazines and advertising portals have covered the event with reports & interviews, the effort pales in comparison with other international awards. Even the recent ones, like the Dubai Lynx (forget the controversy about the awards for a minute) have an elaborate website with details of the winners & the winning work. The short lists are usually available for viewing days before the awards and the winners are shared almost immediately after the results. Even with live blogs and Twitter feeds, there wasn’t much happening from the Goafest. There were a few tweeting from the event. Webchutney is planning a post-festival review of the event, pretending to blog ‘live’. So nothing official about it when it came to Twitter feeds, live blogging, posting the work online etc. Just good ol’ PR.

Maybe it’s to do with the general approach to ad blogs, but one is left with a feeling that more can be done. Since the festival is likely to get bigger and has huge ambitions, shouldn’t the online medium be put to advantage more in the coming years?

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  1. You got it bang on. I am desperately looking for a tally and I don’t seem to get anything. Very sad that in the world of digital first, the website and Twitter handles of the event have nothing. Surely someone should wake up and take stock of this.

    • Not surprisingly, award shows in other countries are leagues ahead. They have been doing this for years now – responsive websites, regular social media updates, shortlisted and winning work showcased online, results updated immediately, mobile app and so on.

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