Airtel Broadband appeals to the Impatient Ones

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Finally, a web banner that worked for me. I clicked through a banner for Airtel Broadband and discovered a new campaign dubbed the Impatient Ones. The idea is to say that impatience is the new way of life.

wallpapers-7A The site, mercifully is not restricted to some standard information and wallpapers. It has links to blogs or profile pages of people from various walks of life: an entrepreneur, script writer, a musician and so on. Their pages reflect their interests – pictures, downloads, videos – presumably made simple by using Airtel Broadband. It also has a Viral – while it takes the oft-repeated 2-cell animation route, the idea is interesting – spoofs of Hindi movies in 30-seconds (done before in an ad for Volkswagen Fox). The site has a speed test (mine came out as ‘crawling’) too – all working towards generating a brand switch.

So far so good. I think the Impatient Ones will strike a chord since the ‘world wide wait’ is no longer cool. With so much to see, do and download, broadband is mandatory. And with a multi-tasking, multi-media consuming generation that is glued to screens of varying sizes and shapes it will strike a chord. The execution is thought through and takes advantage of the online medium.

How does all this compare on the ground? In the past, I have responded to lead generating campaigns from Airtel Broadband. The response has been middling. I got a call back (2 days later I think) and short of giving my birthmark details, I provided everything. An engineer lobbed up at home, checked the site and said that there will be connectivity issues (something about cable not reaching) and left, promising to call back. Deathly silence follows. Weeks later, I got a call if I am interested in Airtel Broadband. I have filled in the details this time around too. Let’s see how fast they revert. So, I am impatient, but for totally different reasons. Will this campaign move you to enquire more about their service or are you happy with your current brand choice?

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  1. Hi
    Thanks for your detailed review .Yes, we as a brand we recognize the need to be more real & connect with our audience,this is a step in that direction & glad you liked it.We will definitely try & improve on the things you mention
    Do keep checking impatientones for more updates.



    youtube channel:


  2. I had like you to visit the site i have linked before you go for Airtel Broadband.

    Fair Usage Policy has turned out to be the Sore spot when going for the Airtel Broadband Connection.

    I am not being bitchy about Airtel. They are THE best internet service provider in the country.

    But FUP is just a disaster.

  3. What is the point of bringing out such plans where one cant utilize it fully?

    Why the amout of download limit and not unlimited


    What the point of data / speed cap when one is already paying a premium for the high speed and unlimited?

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