Don’t touch your phone for 10 minutes and donate clean water

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IMG_0513I strongly believe that advertising for a good cause, especially those which call for action must have these attributes: (a) a cause many can identify with (b) an action that is easy to perform (c) specifically outlined donation – either a pre-determined amount of money to donate, a minimum amount to give away or some other clear action and more importantly (d) an act that comes naturally for us. In this context, UNICEF’s Tap Project has launched a new campaign which urges smartphone users to not look at their phone for at least 10 minutes.

For every 10 minutes you don’t touch your phone, UNICEF’s sponsor can provide one day of clean water for a child in need.

Of late, many smartphone users have realised that our addiction to the devices comes at a price. Restaurants that proudly proclaim that they do not offer wi-fi so that guests can talk to each other, actually evoke a smile, touch a chord. It is uncool to be immersed in your smartphone at social gatherings especially when having a meal together with family & friends. The UNICEF project taps into this attitude well and there’s a feel good reward for that simple action. On your phone, visit and take the challenge of not looking at your phone for 10 minutes. You actually get a message that the sponsor will make donation to the cause. Nice.

Agency: Droga5, New York, USA

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