MTS 3G ad: born for the internet

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Digital immigrants like yours truly cannot stop marvelling at the ease with which today’s kids adapt to technology. We’ve all seen our own kids take to iPads and smartphones like fish to water. The phrase ‘they seem to be born with it’ is given a literal expression in this new ad for MTS 3G Plus network, highlighting its data superiority.

Agency: Creativeland

According to the agency:

The TVC has been produced by Smuggler films and directed by Guy Shelmerdine. The film was shot on location in Prague, 4 real babies were cast to provide the body of the baby along with reference for expressions, lighting and skin texture. Glassworks London created the CGI assets, using real expressions from our babies to build up a CGI head that was as realistic in character as it was in texture and appearance.

Cute babies doing things – be it talking (eTrade) or dancing (Evian) is not a new idea. In this case, it seems a bit more natural as the starting point was ‘born for the internet’. Also no effort seems to be spared in the production, thankfully, and it shows. When such computer enhanced babies aren’t handled well in post production (like in the KitKat India ad, IMO) it shows – you can see that the execution is not top notch. In such cases, the repeat value of the video goes for a toss.

No such worries with the MTS ad. I wasn’t a big fan of the MTS ads featuring Imran – the piracy vibes in those ads put me off. But this is enjoyable stuff and gets the point across.

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