Old Spice flexes its muscles on Vimeo and goes viral

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Old Spice Body Spray ‘s new interactive video featuring Terry Crews is going viral. What’s it about?  As with other Old Spice ads featuring Terry Crews, it’s intriguing and entertaining. Terry Crews, sitting on a chair is surrounded by several musical instruments. He has sensors stuck to his body and every time he flexes a muscle, it sets off a connected musical instrument. The real fun though starts after the video plays out – users can create their own musical dubs using their key board and of course moving Terry Crews’ muscles.

Old Spice Muscle Music from Terry Crews on Vimeo.

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy. Partner: Vimeo

How is it relevant to Old Spice, you ask? The Terry Crews videos for Old Spice have always been about ‘extreme power’  as manifested in: Old Spice Body Spray will make you feel so powerful, it will blow your mind right in front of your face.’ Terry Crews has variations of showing extreme power in TV commercials of Old Spice – this one is a continuation of the same platform. And what’s more its interactive, customisable, generates content, has huge pass-along value and potential to create buzz. And create buzz it has. On Vimeo, it has 1.2mn plays, 5800+ likes and several thousand embeds on Facebook and blogs. User generated videos like this are also popping up on YouTube. Terry Crews seems to have tweeted about this particular user creation which adds to the buzz quotient.

It’s interesting to see Old Spice choose Vimeo over YouTube for this project. YouTube was used to place a trailer alone. One used to believe that YouTube provides reach and the ideal platform for buzz creation but Vimeo has done well in this case (as they did with Tositos earlier).

I like. Any comments on the effort?

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