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Brands are discovering fresh new ways of using social media & digital advertising by the day – Whopper Sacrifice, Twelpforce, Blendtec come to mind. But Old Spice has just raised the bar several thousand notches with their on-going digital campaign.

In what is surely a first, Old Spice is sending video responses to people who mention @OldSpice on Twitter. What’s more, the respondents are named personally by the shirtless Isaiah Mustafa. While celebs like @TheEllenShow, @PerezHilton and @KevinRose have received their video responses, the amazing part is the speed with which video responses come for mentions from regular folks.

And the video response:

There could be more than a 100 video responses over their YouTube channel. Jaw dropping stuff.

What’s great about the idea is it’s sheer audacity – of pulling off truck loads of videos with some great writing and responding to an avalanche of mentions in double quick time. And they weren’t standard responses to standard mentions – there was a wedding proposal involved too! As Adfreak says:

Wieden + Kennedy team’s reaction time was pretty incredible, as illustrated by my favorite video, below: a marriage proposal Mustafa made on behalf of a random guy on Twitter. @Jsbeals made this request of Old Spice: “Can U Ask my girlfriend to marry me? Her name is Angela A. Hutt-Chamberlin.” Less than three hours later, Mustafa was holding a ring in the glow of candlelight and asking Angela to “make Jsbeals the happiest man in the world and marry him in real life.”

Mentioning prominent bloggers by name automatically gets the brand a mention on social media channels which in turns fuels further interest for the brand. Super extension to an already great body of work on Old Spice.  Much to learn from the brand activity. I heart. I also envy.

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