McDonalds Gol! FIFA World Cup – (mobile) marketing done right

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A new video created by McDonalds for the FIFA World Cup Brasil 2014 has already raked up close to 100k views on YouTube. The video is a compilation of trick shots and even for a non-football fan like me it makes for compelling viewing with repeat value.

col-leftBut it is not just another YouTube video going viral. At the heart of the campaign is a mobile app which is hardwired to brand purchase. The iconic red French fries packaging is being replaced with specially created designs. Each design activates the brand’s augmented reality McDonald’s Gol! app when scanned, launching a virtual trick shot challenge. As this article says, ‘the box itself appears as a goal, while other packaging such as a Big Mac boxes will appear as objects the player can move the ball around to help them score goals. Players can share their results on social media, while McDonald’s is keeping a running tally of each country’s overall performance‘. Loved the link with actual purchase, the ‘reward’ for the user and the tight integration with all the elements – user behaviour, technology and love for the game.

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