7 top creative ads of the week: Keep it real online, Optimum and more


For the past few years, I have attempted to share a few compelling creative ads with the audience of this blog. Once in a while I comment on issues pertaining to the advertising & marketing industry. Here are a few creative ads from New Zealand Government’s ‘Keep It Real Online’, Mars Petcare’s Optimum range and more. ‘Keep It Real’ online: New Zealand...

When ‘black lives matter’ is seen as a branding opportunity


Over the last few days, many enterprises and brands have put out branded communication in support of what has come to the known as the ‘Black lives matter’ campaign – with the recent riots in the US being the context. Essentially, such ads or corporate messages call for an end to racism. ‘Being silent is not an option’ and variants thereof are the most common...

The pros and cons of ‘moment marketing’ for brands


Another new term has entered the new age marketing & advertising vocabulary: moment marketing. It is essentially topical advertising but since turnaround times are not measured in days but in minutes it is called so, I guess. It is also a country cousin of occasion-led advertising where brands attempt to gain leverage from big news events or calendar events such as Mother’s Day, April...

Condom ad ban: protection of a different kind


In India, the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting recently banned airing of condom ads during daytime. The move came under criticism – ansee some reactions here, here and here. ‘It is moral policing’, ‘our kids need sex education’, ‘our kids have access to more risqué content everywhere from movies to the internet’ are some of the arguments put...

Content marketing as punching bag: deserved or not?


Nowadays it is common to spot articles bashing ‘content marketing’ as a discipline. The common grouse with such articles is: – content marketing is just a buzz phrase; it is essentially what was practiced in advertising forever – the practitioners of this discipline are bullshit artists who thrive on throwing jargon – most of what passes off as content marketing is...

IKEA Human Catalogue, Honda Fit Sport and more: creative ads of the week


1. IKEA Human Catalogue A critical piece of the IKEA marketing mix has been its catalogue. There have been several notable marketing activities centred around it over the years including outdoors which were pop stores, mobile app which uses augmented reality to bring alive the shopping experience, effective use of relevant social media platforms like Pinterest and even an Apple TV app.It makes...

BBC Sport’s Wimbledon spot, whacky Thai & Japanese ads: creative ideas of the week


1. BBC Sport: Wimbledon coverage It’s Wimbledon time of the year. Here’s a new spot from BBC Sport announcing the live coverage of the event. The device is simple – a tennis ball wreaking ‘havoc’ across Britain and ending up at the centre court. Even though this montage of visual set to music is a common format the ad is riveting. 2. Verena Sure Thanks to this...

Gillette’s touching ad, Charmin’s Van-Go and more: creative ideas of the week


1. Gillette: Assisted Shaving Razor It is so refreshing to see a long format, web film which is anchored on the product. We have all seen many such initiatives where one is left wondering about the tenuous link of the brand to the theme advertised. This film, launched to introduce TREO, the ‘first-ever razor designed solelyfor assisted shaving‘. The film is a touching story of a son...

Sweden on Airbnb, Sony Bravia, House of Cards and more: creative ideas of the week


There are hundreds of commercial messages vying for consumer attention everyday across traditional and new media. Only a handful are noticed. Here are a few creative ideas which caught my eye, the week ending 26th May, 2017: Sweden’s tourism campaign, Sony Bravia’s TV spot and more. 1. Visit Sweden: Airbnb Sweden’s official website for tourism and travel information, has...

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