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Are personal blogs dead?

Wired Magazine has some advice for bloggers: shut down your blog. The premise: professional blogging sites (who have an army of writers posting upto 30 posts a day) leave no chance for individual bloggers to get noticed. Some of the professional blogging sites mentioned – Huffington Post, Engadget – are virtual magazines, professionally brought out and churning out posts like a factory. They are also likely to employ specialist SEO consultants who can ensure high rankings in search pages. The article says:

Today, a search for, say, Barack Obama’s latest speech will deliver a Wikipedia page, a Fox News article, and a few entries from professionally run sites like The odds of your clever entry appearing high on the list? Basically zero.

Personal bloggers will only attract the Net’s ‘lowest form of life’: the insult commenter, says the article. I think this is an extreme view. On the point about the ‘insult commenter’ – they are everywhere, not just on blogs. Check out any potentially controversial video or commercial on YouTube and you will find your insult commenter spewing venom. And oh, about Twitter – for some strange reason, I have really not taken up to it. The article says the forced brevity of Twitter ‘lets amateurs quit agonizing over their writing and cut to the chase’. But I have have not found posts in the area of ‘woke up early today’ making me addicted to Twitter. Maybe I am reading the wrong kind of posts there.

And about personal blogs not standing a chance against the professional bloggers: blogging is not just about getting the highest ranking on Google Page Views. Some blog only for one reason: because. One could take up cycling for the same reason. And not worry about Lance Armstrong being in the same sport. Even if the blog is read by a handful of people and attracts few or no comments, the ‘high’ is about getting a point of view out of your system. Readership is a bonus. What say?


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