Tanishq commits to going social

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Tanishq has launched a promo for it’s commitment ring, Tanishq One which involves the full kaboodle of new media stuff: blog, Twitter feed, Flickr photostream, downloadable widget, Facebook page and YouTube channel. At the heart of the activity is the Love Express contest where you are asked to tell what you love about the one you are with.

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While the attempt to straddle all new media is commendable, you get the feeling that the fire power to make an impact across all the channels is perhaps missing. The twitter feed is a link to the blog posts which in turn, are consumer entries. And did they have to name the lone file on their YouTube channel, ‘final viral video’? Globally, the best of brand videos that went viral happen to be either outstanding or bizarre ads (Johnny Walker, Evian), videos that build in a brand property tangentially (Never Hide, Samsung LED) but did not shout out ‘I am Viral! Please pass it around!’. Also, the good ones center their online activity around one gigantic idea. Take for example, this promo from Wired Magazine for Nokia N97 – done with a lot of finesse and centred around the Spy Game idea. Nevertheless, heartening to know that Indian brands are taking to media beyond television.

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  1. Even though its early days, going the ‘tools’ way really doesn’t help any brand. Social media outreach, at least in my opinion, is far beyond these social sites and needs to have a larger meaning and purpose.

    For instance, is Tanishq looking for more buyers? Or just buzz online? Customer service/ answering queries? Offers to specific target segments? The more focused one is, the better.

    The twitter profile could sure stop being so uni-dimensional and make full use of the real time conversational abilities. The blog – to start with – should stop realigning photographs to default sizes and make them look oh-so-awkward. Plus, cross-posting blog entries on twitter is gross twitter-abuse.

    I could go on, but I’d sure like to give Tanishqone the benefit of doubt, since its just started online.

    • You have a point there @Karthik. Tanishq One is a new concept around gifting proposal rings. These will not be in stores. There is no way of buying these online as well. For now, the agenda is brand engagement purely. As for social media propagation, we want to spread UGC across various tools for two purposes…

      Firstly, from an organic search perspective wherein our communication is found across popular sites and leverage in searches and recommendations.

      Secondly, we are limiting communication specifically in the blog, twitter and youtube. Obviously, the agenda is to drive traffic to facebook and website as most of the activity happens there no matter where they come in from (find us).

      As for twitter, it needs to grow further in numbers before we engage in real conversations. This will happen over time. Also, it helps us to already know that the photo contest will die out after the campaign is over. So we would want to plan for what comes next. We hope to gain followers specifically in Facebook and Twitter to leverage real conversations and exclusive contests henceforth.

      In essence, the phase one is to spread One’s online presence on a macro level to reach out to as many people as possible and eventually focus on Facebook and Twitter as they would have a substantial fan base by the end of Phase 1.

      One will be available for online and store purchase much later.

      With this knowledge you could suggest further.

    • Thanks for the insightful comments, Karthik. Good point about defining the role of the online programme clearly before embarking on it. In this case, I think it’s about creating buzz.

      • Glad to contribute @bhat. Thanks for covering the article and of course, the all so delightful closure. Most of all thanks for pointing out the youtube video caption error… have rectified it. Maybe you want to update the post to this effect. Will appreciate it.


  2. @Bhatt Interesting topic to pick up but sparsely written about. Could use some more insights into this.

    Never mind Tanishq’s Socail Media, wanted to know how were you comparing it with SPygames which is essentially a Flash Game and not very or rather Social at all?

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