Will you switch to Microsoft’s Bing for search?

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Microsoft is set to take on Google, with the launch of Bing, the search engine it hopes will help it grab a bigger slice of the online ad market. The reported budget for an ad campaign is $80 million to $100 million, to be developed by JWT.

Apparently, the campaign is aimed to create dissonance about your current search engine (Google?). They’ll focus on planting the idea that today’s search engines don’t work as well as consumers previously thought by asking them whether it really solves their problems. The parallel provided is that of the iPhone which showed consumers what can be done with a touch screen, unique rendering of the web on a phone and the App Store.


This places huge pressure on Bing and builds expectations. Unless the features offered are radically different for the common web user, it will be difficult to change a consumer habit. Sure, there is no cost to switch, but ‘Googling’ is a generic term for search, an indication of its mind space. With web email, Gmail is the default mail for many. And despite the launch of new brands offering features that are ‘different’, Gmail hasn’t lost it’s shine. At least for me., for example has a nifty user interface for its mail. It all-in-onw window with access to RSS feeds, a virtual Storage Drive and so on. But I hardly use – sheer inertia and life’s routine goes on without a new email ID. Will Bing deliver? And more importantly, will it be a serious threat to Google Search? Advertising plays a role, albeit a limited one. Remember the cute ads for Altavista – Kasparov and Testicular Cancer?

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  1. I’ll always try something new out. Yahoo have this voice activated search on my N95 which spooks people when I start talking into a phone randomly. It’s not good enough yet but I like the effort and wouldn’t mind trying the Android version.

    However there’s a bit of Stockholm syndrome with me and Google. I’ve hardly given them a penny over the years since the new IT guy at my London agency sent an email suggesting we give them a try over the flavor du jour: Mamma – The mother of all search engines. Talk about a gateway drug. They know me better than anyone. Not a shred of doubt over that and I love it

    In any case, and I’ve learned this from MSFT. While I think they can change the world again if they put their mind to it. The profit culture means they often miss some of the most inspiring elements of 21st century web. It feels like the quarterly report stymies their potential.

    I believe they could detonate the current business model in an exciting way but I’m struck over the internal narrative. The vocal champions are on the outside.

    In any case I only really stopped by because this blog struck me last night as rather good. (read very good).

    It’s prolific, passionate and polished looking. This thought emerged while sucking RSS on my mobile, and I thought I’d drop by to tell ya because both we and India are lucky. Good work.

  2. No ,I will not use it.Microsoft do not know how to make a search engine and will never understand.Even with (where i type “”),it look almost a minute for the search features to appear.i want a fast search.why would i want to waste another 3 characters for www when is the same thing with

    result from the same website was not group up,user like me (again,want it fast) have to read the url in order to realize that 2 out of 10 result shown points to the same website.

  3. I will not use Microsoft search engine ‘coz they are still stuck with the DESKTOP mentality.
    They have lost the Search Game and they act like they don’t even know it.
    Apart from Desktop OS their WEB properties have gone the law of diminishing return path. Live/Hotmail etc…
    I’d stick with someone know who knows what they are doing.

  4. zyrax, Karma, thanks for the comments. Agree about Live – the package has taken so many avatars from search to blog (Spaces) to Live Writer to Photo Gallery, it is quite a mess.

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