Air France Music App: music in the sky

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When it comes to mobile app ideas for brands, sky is literally the limit. Apparently Air France is known and appreciated by music fans for its sharp selections and exclusive content. They have created a new mobile app – Air France Music App, which literally plucks music from the sky. ‘Exclusive pieces of music are hidden in the clouds, and can find them and enrich your playlists by lifting your iPhone up to the sky’ says Air France.

Agency: BETC

The link to travel? From Paris to Tokyo passing through Buenos Aires, the sky in every region has its own tracks. The incentive to keep using the app? Several times through the year, you’ll be able to discover unreleased tracks, as well as the chance to win concert or airline tickets, if you can find the games hidden in the sky. Brilliant. Download the app here (iTunes link). Proof that brands can create mobile apps if the app gives back something useful or entertaining to the user.

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