Burst of creativity: When will the fruit burst?

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If you need further proof that in certain low involvement categories, audience engagement has to be literally engineered, here is one. Pascall, a brand of fruit chews from Cadbury, is running a hoarding in Auckland, New Zealand that is involving consumers in a literal blow up (Agency: DDB New Zealand).

They have created a giant fruit balloon (full of Fruit Bursts) that has been placed on billboard, next to a giant pin. Over the next month, the fruit balloon is being filled with air moving it closer towards the pin.

Fruitburst Billboard.jpg

A website When Will The Fruit Burst has been created with a live stream of how close the balloon is to the pin. Visitors can also predict the date of the burst for some cash prizes (a funner way of MRF Rain Day?) and also join a Facebook group, which has 79 members already! When the strawberry finally collides with the pin and pops, thousands of Pascall Fruit Burst lollies will burst out.

A fun idea that beautifully integrates the brand promise and creates customer anticipation and involvement in a category that could have easily gone the routine ’30-second TVC to create involvement’ route.

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