The Economist: interpret your world through SMS

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Saw a new hoarding for The Economist. It had an intriguing visual – a silhouette of a whale, with a visual of a bowl with chopsticks inside. Inside the bowl was the outline of a factory. The call for action asked you to interpret the visual by sending an SMS. Nice. The interpret the world campaign is being brought alive with an interactive campaign.


There was another execution of a pig inside a TV set which was inside a suitcase. The call for action said, ‘to get the full story, SMS ‘pig’ to 575758. I did and got this reply immediately:

‘Swine flu led to media frenzy, which in turn led to a dip in tourism, as people avoided H1N1 affected countries. Read The Economist. Interpret the World’.

Cool stuff. If the SMS had a link to a mobile website which had more such interpretations or a call center number to inquire about subscriptions, it would have been still better.

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  1. Prateeti Singh Reply

    Yes… absolutely loved the camapign…. very well presented… the best part i guess is that you can actually track the customers who have shown intrest in intrepting the ad:)

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