50 years of Fevicol: great idea and execution

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Couldn’t stop thinking about this ever since I read the article at Campaign India and saw the ad. I have not seen the teaser posters here in Bangalore but the campaign is sure to create a buzz.

While Fevicol has attempted to dramatize the stickiness of the brand in many ways over the years – some have failed to hit the jackpot (like the space ship one). The simplicity of the idea – ‘sticky mustache that stays on for life and beyond’ combined with the flawless execution makes the ad memorable. Kudos to the team. You liked?

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  1. Prasad Satkalmi Reply

    The new ad of Fevicol celebrating 50 years with the idea of ’sticky mustache that stays on for life and beyond’ behind the campaign is nothing but ridicule over the opposite sex – the woman in shameless way… instead of woman one could have take anything that goes with the punch, after all show how MCP the 3 minds behind this idea must be.

  2. Was it funny.. didn’t felt like laughing.
    Was it a movie on a serious issue of mustaches… don’t think if anybody felt like discussing it.
    Was it a story with a moral. what the hell was that, still can’t figure out..but yes this is the most horrible add of the year 2009.

    • Thanks for the comment. I guess there are some people who didn’t appreciate the humour. Some of my friends didn’t get it either – they saw it some ad about female infantide! That said, I liked it.

  3. Sriram Iyer Reply

    I liked it! It’s humorous and only meant to say fevicol chipko-fyes forever. There is no intention to degrade women. Another example is the Camlin permanent markers TVC. Take it lightly, junta! 😉

    Camalin permanent makers ad:



  4. Hey my disliking has nothing to do with Ladeez & their respect or watsoever…it’s just that the add is altogether with the concept & storyline is very much Ajeeb. And in the end it gives you a feeling like Vo Kya Tha. Moreover let’s not forget their last add ..exactly to the Brand requirement & message. Forget 50yrs celebration.
    Similar kind of advertisements have already been made earlier one of them is that paint wala add which came in holi…can’t find the link. At least you can find humor in them.

  5. Although I don’t think it’s against women, the fevicol ads, including this one, have become monotonous and routine. It’s high time they should look far and beyond.

    • I still feel that ‘long lasting bond’ is a position they should not abandon and keep finding fresher ways of expressing it.

  6. I agree that Fevicol as an adhesive brand shouldn’t and can’t go without the theme of long lasting bond, but the execution definitely needs some fresh air. I am so impressed with Vodafone that they dared to get rid of the pug and still keep coming up with beautiful ideas like zoozoo. Even the recent ads by Feviquick are quite refreshing.

  7. I felt this was the crappiest ad….didn’t laugh at all, just did ‘yuckkkkkkkk’ . They should have come up with some better idea…..even if this mooch was done on a mooch-less kid or male, even then it would have been acceptable.

  8. The Ad isn’t that funny, but it’s creative. I thought of another concept for the same: Remember the Ad where the statue breaks and the caretaker or whoever he is asks for Rs. 5/- so that he can stick the statue back. On the same lines, there could be a senario where a guy breaks up with his girlfriend who starts yelling & crying and saying, “Give me 5 rupees….give me 5 rupees… You broke my heart.”
    It’s nothing great, but just a small idea.

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