Is Posterous the future of blogging?

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The proliferation of social media and services that call for your ‘conversation’ has it’s downsides. There are so many of them demanding attention, it is impossible to use or remember more than a handful. There are times when I sign up for some new service only to be told that I have already registered with them a year ago! One such was Posterous, which I have begun to like of late. The reason: it combines the best of both worlds – micro blogging and blogging. The former is associated with snappy on-the-go thoughts while the latter with time consuming thoughtful posts. In on swell swoop, Posterous makes it work both ways – you can set up your lifestream to be published simultaneously across several services. Thanks to their Autpost services, a post can appear across several services you choose. For example, you can set a post to even appear on your blog – they will host the images, music and the files.

Their bookmarklet allows you to share virtually anything from the Net – a YouTube video, an image or an URL. When you share a video for example, you can add in your comment, making it a quasi blog post.

I think this has huge potential since it integrates services and offers best of both worlds.

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