Aircel’s amazing outdoor idea in Mumbai

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The launch TVC for Aircel and those that followed for the value-added services weren’t much to write home (or anywhere else) about. But the recent Outdoor innovation executed by Aircel in Mumbai surely ranks among the very best in the world. Recently they stuck an empty raft on a billboard near the Milan Subway (which is notorious for flooding during the monsoons). The copy simply said, ‘In case of emergency, cut rope’.

Sure enough, on July 13, Mumbai was flooded and so was Milan Subway. People in and around the area promptly removed the raft and used it to get around.

Cut rope Raft 2 This functional innovation was the talk of the town and got wide coverage in local media. Apart from the goodwill it generated among consumers (some of whom were referring to it as the Aircel boat), the buzz that it generated in unpaid media is huge. Read more about it here. Outdoor agency: Primesite.

Not only is it a great idea, I think the will to see it executed well is commendable. A lot of ideas remain at that level for lack of drive & conviction to see it through. Kudos to the client and the agency team. Along with Nedbank, this must rank as one of the better uses of outdoor media.

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  1. That’s so cool, but one wonders what they will put up on billboard in my city Delhi?

  2. A great example of creativity used for functionality……… awesome idea……!!!

  3. they’d probably put up a silencer for guns.. coz everyone uses one there! 😉

  4. really appreciable and good advertisement idea… gr8 efforts… make more of such concepts in every field…

  5. That’s a great one! I wanna know how they ‘convinced’ the client to go-ahead with this!

  6. on hindsight, it is such a slap on government’s rotten face.

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