Flossie vending machine: what women want?

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3z8x00131.jpgCame across this great stunt for Flossie.com, a Flossie Media Group venture which connects women with content and advertisers. Vending machines were put up in New Zealand, where women got to pick the type of single guy they wanted. At the press of a button, instead of getting a print out or photo, the vending machine opened up and the guy walked out. (A fake wall behind the machine led to a room of single guys waiting to be chosen). Hee hee.

Read more about and watch the video here.

Pity it doesn’t work in real life? As an aside, some stunts will not work in India, right? Imagine the chaos at malls if this was attempted here!

Agency: TBWAVia CampaignBrief, New Zealand

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  1. The word is WOW!!
    I can imagine how flabbergasted i would be when the guy walked out.
    On the other hand after Instant Coffee, Instant noodles ot would be Instant Dates!
    That would make life so much easier!!..Waiting for flossie.in 🙂

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